Looking for great sushi?

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CaptainBlogBeard has been drowned in schoolwork for awhile, but I haven’t walked the plank yet. So it’s time for another piece of buried treasure from your favorite deep sea blogger.

I recently ate sushi for the first time when some friends and I set anchor at a little place called Moshi (2152 East Main Street, Bexley, OH). It was amazing. For anyone who’s scared of eating slimy and possibly raw fish, now is the time to fight through those fears and try some of Moshi’s delicious treats. The sushi panini were these bite-sized fish sandwiches and were quite good. My favorite, however, was the sushi roll topped with scallops in a delectable sauce (I forget what they were called). Their deliciousness blew my mind.

Moshi is awesome, bottom line.


Marino’s Seafood Fish and Chips

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I ate at this restaurant on 5th Avenue (1216 W. 5th) the other day, and boy, was it good. If you’re a fan of golden brown fried food, you gotta check it out. I ordered the standard fish and chips platter ($5.75), which came with delicious hush puppies. I don’t know what they are, but i want more. The service was quick and friendly; I literally got my food within 30 seconds of ordering it, and the lady at the counter offered me three sauces, ketchup, malt vinegar, and the oh-so-necessary tartar sauce. I got all three. I’m a sauce guy. The fish was extra crispy, just the way I like it (from time to time). I’m definitely going back, as their menu offers an extensive selection of seafood options, even fried clams.

On the CaptainBlogBeard rating scale, I give Marino’s 8 tentacles (out of 8, thanks to the octopus) for deliciousness.


Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

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Movie releases on May 19th, check out the plane getting exploded by a giant tentacle smack (0:51). “Nuff seen.

Giant Jellyfish

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A 4-ft jellyfish washed up on the shores of the North Devon coast (North Devon is a local government district in Devon, England). Despite the intimidating size, this jellyfish is fairly harmless, with only a mild sting. These jellyfish have no bones or brains, are 95% water, and normally grow to a length of 12 inches.


For your enjoyment, here is “Jellyfish” by Ghostface Killah.


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The Megalodon was a giant shark that lived as far back as 18 million years ago and became extinct about 1.5 million years ago. Through fossil records, this enormous predator could grow to a size of 60 feet. By comparison, the closely-related great white shark has a maximum size of about 20 feet.

I’d be even more terrified of the ocean if these guys were still chomping around, but fortunately for us, the Megalodon is Megalo-gone.

Here’s a vid (real, fake, i dunno, no scientific evidence they exist)…Check out that jaw at the beginning, though.

Spiny Dogfish

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The Spiny Dogfish is a small shark with a gestation period of 22-24 months. This is the longest gestation period of any vertebrate. Those babies are cooked.

Mola Mola

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Check out this guy, the mola mola, the world’s largest bony fish. It can grow up to a length of 14 feet with a weight of 4000 lbs.

He should get some exercise and lay off the heavy snacking.