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Carl – Aqua Teen Hunger Force

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My favorite character on Aqua Teen doin’ his thing with Led Zeppelin’s “The Ocean”


Kootenai River White Sturgeon

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The Kootenai River White Sturgeon is North America’s largest freshwater fish, capable of reach 19 feet in length and 1000 lbs. This monstrous beast has been around since the dinosaurs, but is now in danger of becoming extinct, as less than 500 still populate the Kootenia River in Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia . The White Sturgeon’s mating patterns have been disrupted by a dam that has changed the flow of water that has caused the fish to swim upriver and spawn. Attempts to recreate water flows at the site of the Libby Dam in Montana have been unsuccessful, and the fish may become extinct within 10 years if no fix is found.

The Captain is rooting for you, White Sturgeon.


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Not ocean, seafood, or music related, but i gotta say, Tostitos Scoops! with a Hint of Jalapeno are just fantastic. If you’re craving some snack food, go get a bag and some queso for dipping. Just…fantastic.



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Jazzy funky soul group out of Columbus, OH. Check out Waiting; I’m lovin the vocals and horns. This group is quite eclectic, and you can hear some of their other stuff at They’ll be playing shows frequently at different venues across Columbus, I hope to get a listen in sometime.


Thor Winston

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Everybody loves music, especially CaptainBlogBeard, and lesser-known musicians have got some real talent.

I came across a local musician named Thor Winston, who is doing his thing on the Columbus scene with some smooth R&B/pop. His single, Thinking ’bout U, is a shanty with an incredibly catchy hook. Check him out on iTunes (search Thor Winston in the iTunes store), or visit his website

Looking for great sushi?

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CaptainBlogBeard has been drowned in schoolwork for awhile, but I haven’t walked the plank yet. So it’s time for another piece of buried treasure from your favorite deep sea blogger.

I recently ate sushi for the first time when some friends and I set anchor at a little place called Moshi (2152 East Main Street, Bexley, OH). It was amazing. For anyone who’s scared of eating slimy and possibly raw fish, now is the time to fight through those fears and try some of Moshi’s delicious treats. The sushi panini were these bite-sized fish sandwiches and were quite good. My favorite, however, was the sushi roll topped with scallops in a delectable sauce (I forget what they were called). Their deliciousness blew my mind.

Moshi is awesome, bottom line.