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Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

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Movie releases on May 19th, check out the plane getting exploded by a giant tentacle smack (0:51). “Nuff seen.


Giant Jellyfish

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A 4-ft jellyfish washed up on the shores of the North Devon coast (North Devon is a local government district in Devon, England). Despite the intimidating size, this jellyfish is fairly harmless, with only a mild sting. These jellyfish have no bones or brains, are 95% water, and normally grow to a length of 12 inches.


For your enjoyment, here is “Jellyfish” by Ghostface Killah.


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The Megalodon was a giant shark that lived as far back as 18 million years ago and became extinct about 1.5 million years ago. Through fossil records, this enormous predator could grow to a size of 60 feet. By comparison, the closely-related great white shark has a maximum size of about 20 feet.

I’d be even more terrified of the ocean if these guys were still chomping around, but fortunately for us, the Megalodon is Megalo-gone.

Here’s a vid (real, fake, i dunno, no scientific evidence they exist)…Check out that jaw at the beginning, though.

Spiny Dogfish

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The Spiny Dogfish is a small shark with a gestation period of 22-24 months. This is the longest gestation period of any vertebrate. Those babies are cooked.