The legend of the Kraken dates back to the 12th century, when Norwegian seamen described a many-armed monster the size of an island, that would wrap its tentacles around the largest of ships and drag them down into the ocean.

While the size is most likely exaggerated, those that lived to tell the story probably encountered a giant squid (or colossal squid). These squids are known to attack whales, and may have mistaken some ships as such. Unfortunately, squids sometimes catch the wrong end of a mistaken attack when they encounter the ships propellers.

Nevertheless, few specimens of colossal squid have ever been caught, and scientists can only project how large they can become. Today, research suggests that they can grow as large as 40-50 feet long, but the depths of the ocean where the colossal squid roam remain largely undiscovered, and beasts the likes of which we have never seen may exist.


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